Saturday, 2 May 2009

Review: Carbon e/s (MAC)

Just a quick review of MACs Carbon eyeshadow (£9.80- individual or £7.34- pan for pallet).

Normally wouldn't do a review of a fairly basic product like this, however, I got an amazing surprise from this one.

The e/s is just a matte black but it applies so smoothly its unreal. In my teens I went through a mosher/goth stage where black e/s was basically compulsary. In those days I was flat broke and more or less restricted myself to the brands you get in Boots (I grew up in a former industrial town outside of Glasgow- basically there was No 7 (skin reacts badly to this) or 17 or some of the cheaper brands like Rimmel which I'm allergic to). So for 2 years I lived in 17s blacks eyeshadow which wasn't too bad since all I was doing was applying it thickly all over my lid and that was it. I noticed that it tended to drag a little but it was fine.

Now I feel a bit weird buying 17 and have not worn black e/s since I was 17 until recently when I bought Nyx black e/s, well it drags quite badly which given that I wear it as part of a look with other colours isn't very helpful. I have tried a few other brands and got the same thing to varying degrees. I resented paying the better part of £10 for something I was sure would drag but I was wrong, it's amazing. I expected it to be dry and powdery (not in a good way) but it went on nicely and blends so easily and has a nice finish.

I will be buying this again once I have run out and think that it was worth every penny. 5/5

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