Sunday, 24 May 2009

Review: Pallets

I got the pallets off of ebayuk seller named tvgametoy (would definately recommend them) based in Hong Kong.
The 88 colour pallet and the 88 shimmer pallet are the same as the ones sold by Coastal Scents. They retail at far less than the Coastal Scents ones but have a high shipping price and the time it takes to get from Hong Kong to the UK is quite long (approx 2 weeks, but it was dispatched promptly so it is down to the postal systems not the seller). The pallets seem to be the same as those being sold on the crown brushes uk website and the are selling for a high price but since it is within the UK it would presumably arrive sooner, if needed in a hurry.

The actual products are quite good. They are highly pigmented, easy to blend and I havent had any problems with irritation or allergies (my skin is quite sensitive). The two 88 pallets are quite rightly recommended all over the internet. The blush and neutral pallets are of a high quality also. Not too much too say as there are literally hundereds of reviews of these products on youtube where it is possible to see the products being used. 5/5

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