Monday, 4 May 2009

Just summing up

I have decided to attempt pincurls. They are easy and quick to do but take ages to set (I am trying the ones that sit up from my head rather than the ones that sit against my head and are easier to sleep in without messing up). I suspect that if it goes well in future I will wear them at night and pout them in first thing in the morning rather than wear them overnight for the day as it is a pain. Might do a tutorial on them if I ever get a camcorder or the camera on the mac I'm currently thinking on buying, is any good.

Done a lot of makeup shopping in the past week, bought two of the Nars Nightlife eyeshadows (in Night Porter and Night Flight) and if I'm honest I'm not exactly loving them. They look gorgeous in their container but they dont make any great impact once they've been applied and they are so dark I couldn't see a massive difference between them. I also got the Orgasm blusher and the Albatross highlighter (Nars has free standard delivery on orders over £50). The blusher is very very light but it builds up nicely but it would take a lot to look heavy which is quite good. The Highlighter, I am just absolutely in love with, it is light but it give an amazing glow and shimmers a bit without making you look like an escapee from the 1970's Disco scene (not necessarily a bad thing, I love glitter).

Have finally found a way to wear Coppering without making my eyes look sore so I was quite pleased with myself (I teamed it up with Bronze, Club and Shroom- All MAC colours). I probably shouldn't be spending my time doing this as my 1st exam is a week on Tuesday but...

Waiting for a few things to arrive before I post a haul, ordered the two 88 pallets from Hong Kong and they are apparently the same as the ones sold by Coastal Scents. I can hardly wait for them to arrive and hope like hell they don't get damaged on the way here. Am going to buy a couple of things from Lime Crime after my last exam as a sort of celebration. I don't usually drink alcohol so the amount I'd spend on alcohol will go on makeup- which means that 1. UK prices are very high esp on booze and 2. it takes quite alot have any effect on me and i tend to buy the dearer cocktails that dont taste of alcohol as I'm not keen on it (it tends to make me think of nail polish remover or that horrible smelling stuff you have to use on your hands when visiting people in hospital) so I should be able to get a good haul. Decided to treat myself if i do well this year and since i get the results a week after my birthday I should get some good stuff (If I do badly I suspect the alcohol will be more attractive ;p).

Will try to get a couple of reviews done over the next couple of weeks around my studying. And I'm trying to get a good Red, White and Blue look done for Eurovision (16th May), hope we do well this year and dont come last as per usual. The woman we're sending this year is quite pretty so hopefully she'll have nice makeup and since Andrew Lloyd Webber is controlling things to do with her song and public profile abroad as well as a changed voting system (50% of the votes are by judges the rest is the usual political voting). Germany has Dita Von Teese performing to their song. Clearly the Big Four (UK, Germany, France and Spain) have decided to put up a fight this year and its about time. Although Terry Wogan is no longer doing the commentary (I miss him already) we do now have Graham Norton (he is very funny and is so camp he was the most obvious choice in my opinion)

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