Thursday, 28 May 2009

Review: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes (£2.68 or 2 for £4.00) Tesco

In the past I have used these wipes and for a couple of years they were all I ever used to remove my makeup. However, for the past year I have taken to using various brands instead including Skin Wisdom and Johnsons wipes and liquid and cream eye makeup removers. Some of those were great like the MAC eye and lip makeup remover (not the wipes), Some good like the Skin Wisdom Firm & Lift 4 in 1 Cleansing wipes and the downright horrific like the Johnsons dreamy skin 3 in 1 facial night wipes which certainly removed the makeup along with half the skin from the area around my right eye leaving it red, raw, streaming and extremely painful for a couple of days less than a week before christmas (when A&E was full of drunks, the waiting times were horrendous and the GPs were closed over the weekend since I had to be experimenting with my makeup at 11pm on a friday night- Thank God it had more or less died down by Monday to a point where it was ugly but not sore or I'd have had to brave the Surgery full of sick old people, sick children, or people who had overindulged in alcohol over the weekend but wanted a sick line to get a couple of days extra off work to shop- not my idea of fun).

Anyway, the Simple wipes are AWESOME to the point where they are the UKs No1 cleanser brand (Simple as a whole I'm guessing from the sticker) and have been voted (by beauty industry experts) the best cleansing wipes in Instyles "100 Best beauty Buys" for the past two years. It's difficult to know where to start praising these wipes since there is just so much in their favour but starting with the blurb on the packet it is stated that there is no alcohol in it, no oil, no perfume or colour and no unnecessary or harsh chemical, in essence it is meant to be non drying, non greasy and non irritating. They even state that they are perfect for sensitive skin, which I can definately agree with ( normally I get a bit of burning and a little redness from products which I dont use again and nothing like what I got from the Johnsons wipes). On the back they also assert that they are dermatologically tested AND approved,the last bit is important as most brands have the products tested but it does not mean that it is approved merely that it has been tested, which is an important distinction to make in my opinion.

Whilst all of the above points are important, the product must be effective for it to be worth buying and once again the wipes succeed in meeting and passing my expectations easily. I found that the fabric of the wipes was really soft but that it removed the majority of my eyeshadow in one wipe (I have been wearing quite a lot of dark smokey looks recently)and the rest of the visible makeup in the next swipe, obviously it wont remove every trace of mascara in one or two rubs but it does get rid of most of it and I havent been waking with bad panda eyes as usual although there was a little bit smudged under my lower lashes. To my astonishment it took off all of the MUFE #92 I was wearing which hasnt happened before usually I have a pinky stain where it was applied until the next day when I apply my makeup (it gets taken off with that is removed).
(Pictured: Close up of the wipe- to see the texture of the cloth)

In a nutshell this is an amazing product, which I have no idea why I ever stopped using (actually I do I fancied a change and wanted to try other products but they all fall far short). 5/5

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