Monday, 25 May 2009

Review: China Glaze Nail Polish

China Glaze Nail polishes in "In the Lime Light" and "Japanese Koi" (£8.95) from (for UK buyers) and I believe it is avaliable from Sallys beauty supplies in the USA and possibly Canada.

After reading all of the rave reviews of china glaze online I decided to try it out for myself and ordered In the Lime Light, a neon green and Japanese Koi, a neon orange colour. Like most polishes they required two coats and they tended to dry reasonanbly quickly, but had a tendency to look a little bit dull, so a good glossy top coat is necessary. I wasn't a big fan of how they looked but this could be down to the fact that when I ordered I had no idea that they were neon (I prefer creme finishes) and had hoped that In The Lime Light would be like MACs Peppermint Patti (I really wish I had bought it) and that Japanese Koi would be good with my Morange lipstick. That said they do stock a wide range of colours and textures including creme, shimmer, glitter and holographic.

(Pictured: 2 coats of "Japanese Koi")

For the price paid you do get quite a lot for your money (14 ml compared with 10ml for nails inc which costs more) and the promotional booklet that came with it states that it has a long wearing formula with hardeners, I tend to remove my nail polish the night after I apply it (or chip it of if really bored and it has chipped) so I cant really say how long wearing it is but it did last me all day without chipping so I was fairly happy (chipped nail polish is a pet hate of mine, esp when you see a little bit in the centre of bitten nails- yuck!).

I would recommend china glaze but personally I think I'd go for a different finish rather than neon. 4.5/5

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