Saturday, 27 June 2009

FOTN: Style Warriors

Just a quick FOTN from tonight done because I'm bored and wondered if it was possible to use all of the e/s's together and for it to not look stupid. I haven't put on before makeup as I took these at midnight and don't want panda eyes in the morning.

Thought that my favourite e/s would be Vibrant Grape but isn't, surprisingly I prefer Tempting which is just gorgeous.

Barbara Daly concealer (Fair) as a base
MAC e/s Soft Force all over lid, then as a highlight after Tempting
MAC e/s Bright Future inner corner
MAC e/s Vibrant Grape outer corner
MAC e/s Night Manoevers crease, lower lashline and as a brow powder
MAC e/s Tempting over N.M
MAC f/l Blacktrack upper lashline
MAC ccb Luna under brow and over Scatterays
Benefit high brow on waterline
Too Faced bronzer Sun Bunny on cheeks
MAC Solar bits in Scatterays above S.B (as a cheek highlighter)
MAC CCb Luna over Scatterays
MAC l/s Morange
MAC d/g Utterly Posh

Thursday, 25 June 2009

MAC Fall Collections

Been on Specktra and Temptalia have come to the terrifying conclusion that I need to have at least £272.12 for the items I really, really want the most this Autumn. Thankfully, there is only 1 or 2 things I've seen after Style Warriors and Naked Honey leaving me to try and keep my cash aside for the days these are released. I have been drooling over the eyeshadows due to be released, it's just a pain that the majority of it will be out in the Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection in September rather than staggered over 3 or 4 collections where I could buy without making myself quite poor.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Vanity Post

Yet another post not entirely to do with makeup.  I would do a FOTD, but my eyes are very sore as a result of having had virtually no sleep and not needing to go anywhere, have decided not to try and force it. Hoping to make it into town to do some shopping tomorrow (want to grab one of those sleek Acid pallets and something from style warriors). Am supposed to be going to Glasgow to visit relatives and friends but my exam results are due the day were meant to be there and I really want to be able to access my results online  so that I know whether or not I will have any sort of a summer. On the other hand Glasgow shopping is amazing and I'm a bit homesick even after all this time. 

It is far too hot and my room is like a sauna, the cat is not impressed and has been stretching herself out taking up as much space as one small cat can manage.  She is just so lucky she is so cute and I don't want to go to sleep just now, or I'd be forced to kick her off the bed.

On the plus side,  I have managed to get my hands on MACs Gladiola lipstick.  I went to buy it  shortly after it came out and they'd sold out but someone was selling one for $10 shipped to the UK and used once which I just had to have.  Went to try and order Purple Rite last night of the website but it has sold out so I need to make a trip into town to see if they have it but I'm not very hopeful. I also LOVE the e/s's for style warriors so might get those when I'm in or just wait until we go up to Glasgow, but again I'm not holding out much hope of finding it.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Birthday FOTD

Here is the FOTD for todays look.  Unfortunately it doesn't look anything like how it does in reality nor does the one from last night.

Bare Study
Creme Royal  (all of these all over eye area)
Paradisco- inner 1/3
Sushi Flower- middle 2/3
Passionate- over Sushi Flower
Parfait Amour- outer 1/3
Stylin'- over 92
MUFE 92- crease + outer 1/2 of lower lash line
Romping- inner 1/2 of lower lash line
Brule- highlight
Dazzlelight- a little under the brows
Electra- little bit in the inner corners
Stately Black- A long the lash line on the outer corners
Barry M eyeliner 30- waterline
UD 24/7 liner Lust- a little bit on the 92 on lower lash line
Collection 200 glittery eyeliner Shake It Up- upper lash line
Bourjois Clubbing Mascara Ultra Black
Bourjois eyebrow pencil

Lipstick: Sandy B

And here is a picture of Jess look annoyed at being picked up.


Here are a couple of FOTDs fro the past couple of  days. 
This is from last night 20/06/2009

This is from 19/06/2009

Please excuse the text above, I have no idea why it is doing that or how to change it.

Bare Study
Amber Lights- inner 1/3
Cork- 3/3 and into the crease
Ricepaper- highlight
Stately Black- lightly on upper lash line
Clinique eyeliner in Black Amethyst Lower lash line and waterline
Collection 2000 glittery liner in Retro Chic- upper lash line
Bourjois brow pencil
Bourjois Coup de theatre mascara

Spice- line lips
Morange- applied to centre of lips and smudged out
Clear lipglass- over Morange

Maybelline pure minerals powder foundation in Ivory Rose
Belightful on cheekbones , temples, nose and chin

Red Velvet- on lid
UD- Fishnet- inner 1/2 and over Zero on crease
         Ransom- outer 1/2
         Zero- Crease
         Peace- upper lash line
         Graffiti- lower lash line
Barry M eyeliner on waterline 30
Benefit Bad Gal mascara

All products MAC unless stated otherwise.

York CCO Haul

Went up to the CCO at the York Designer outlet yesterday got a lot of different things, it was amazing. Luckily they had Solar bits from past collections and I got Bronzescape and Scatterays for about £10 each rather than almost £15 each from the concessions or stores as well as a couple of other things I had been needing to pick up.

                                            Hello Kitty Quad: Too Dolly, E/s (top 2): Submarine and Ricepaper,                                                 (bottom 2): Blue Jewel and Stormwatch. 15 pallette, E/s refills in                                                       Brule, Juiced, Amber Lights, Chrome Yellow, Electra and Cork
                                             Pigments:Viz a  Violet, Blue Brown and Melon
                                             Solar bits: Scatterrays and Bronzescape
                                            Beauty Powder: Belightful (from Fafi) and Lip liner in Spice

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Ipod drama no. 2

Apple restored access to the songs we'd bought on itunes and after putting them onto the ipod (and backing them up onto a CD) and uploading my CDs (about half of them anyway) I discovered that I had too much music for my ancient ipod to hold and now have to upload songs one by one, removing songs I rarely listen to in favour of my newest purchases (buying music at the click of a button is dangerously easy and costly, but on the plus I now just have songs I like and not just one or two and 10 others so I actually save in the long run plus I lack the storage space for many more discs I have about 100+ CDs and then a few double and treble CD compliations in my bedroom alone and a load more in storage and many have gone to that great CD graveyard known as my brothers room...). Hoping to upgrade my nano to one of those 16gb ipods that can hold thousands of songs but they cost about £200 and I'd want to buy a few new songs to go on it.

Anyway I should be going to bed, I got less than 2 hours sleep last night and I need to go up to Leeds in the morning.  I just never realised that I literally thought I would die, if I didn't have hundreds of songs at my fingertips at any given time. 

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Finally got my mac today, it is gorgeous but massive. Unfortunately, I haven't worked out how to upload photos from my camera yet, but will try again later.

I tried to change my itunes account from the really old computer (we only ever used it for itunes)to my new one, unfortunately, it erased all of my music from the account and from my ipod. I had about 800 songs on it, most of which I had downloaded from itunes or from cds which are now in storage. I'm a bit gutted. Since the account was in my brothers name (we have a similar taste in music so shared the account), he phoned apple and the guy there said they should be able to allow him access to the songs purchased (not the ones added from CD) but he was to email them to see about it. I hope to God they allow use access soon.  I'm meant to be going up to Leeds on Saturday. I cannot be in a car for the 3 hours or so it takes to get there without music. I will go insane, my mind will cave in and it will be very unpleasant. I only ever get a bit travel sick if I go for long periods in a car without music and only if it is plugged in to my ears  (I think it must be the fact that it cancels out other noises). Anyway fingers crossed that they let us have access to the music, if nothing else it will be very expensive and time consuming to download it all over again.

I think I may be having a quarter life crisis.  Some of my friends seem to be feeling the same.  When our parents were around our age (I'm 24 at the weekend) they had careers, money etc, in fact my parents were married, had their careers, a house and a car at 19. Since I left school at 17, I've been to college and 2 universities (transfered just before the final year to this course) since I'm studying Law in order to practice, I have 2 more years undergrad, 1 year studying for the Bar, a 1 year pupillage and then I might get a tenancy. I will be almost 30 IF it goes smoothly.  It was so much easier in my mothers day but it has to be said my Mum has an IQ of 145 (with maths-its about 160 without) although I have a higher than average IQ it isnt anything like that (my brothers is probably close to Mums). and if I'm almost 30 when I start my career properly, I'll be well over it when I try to buy a house. The only benefit I see over when my Mum was my age is that now we have computers and non cakey foundation.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Fun With Face Charts: cshock

Have been very very bored since uni stoppped and have been wearing the same looks for conviniences sake, so last night I decided to make use of the face charts I have printed off in recent days to see how it would go. I decided to try the cshock face chart but since I didn't have any of the products from that collection I improvised and used the Ben Nye Grand Lumiere pallet.Since it was like 11pm the lighting was pretty poor but since it is a very bright look it doesnt matter so much and for some reason I kept missing half of my eye with the camera.

Products used:
MAC s/s- Beige-ing
Ben Nye e/s- Ice, Sun Yellow, Azalea,Tangerine, Cosmic Blue, Amethyst and Jade.
MAC Penultimate Liner
GOSH Velvet touch e/l- Girl Power
Benefit Bad Gal Mascara- Black

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Random Post

Okay, this post has nothing much to do with makeup just me going on/venting etc.

Just found out that I will be getting a Mac in less than a fortnight, so I'm very pleased and looking forward to just playing around with it to see how it works properly, this shouldn 't have much of an impact on my posting as I will still have my laptop which is quite slow and keeps stoping but it has held out quite well when considering that I got it quite cheap in September 2007 when I went to Denmark to study for a couple of months (this went badly) and had it on for at least 12 hours a day EVERYDAY for 4 months. Aside from the power cable going on fire it has done quite well and I'm just glad I still have it. If the camera in the mac is capable I might do some videoreviews, tutorials (have quite an interesting series planned) etc.

I have had some news recently which will have an impact on my posts at the moment the news is not very nice but it is not certain if it is one that can be easily dealt with (the doctor seems to indicate that if it is one option, it will be easily dealt with, if it is the other option, he'll see what is best then but it is more complicated than option 1). The hope is that I will be able to post frequently (FYI I'm not ill) but I will need the other thing more but that will be a couple of weeks down the line and i should know in advance.

Another thing is I'm getting quite mad at the media and the way it is treating Susan Boyle. They printed things about her which turned out to be false and backed it up with misrepresentations. Throughout the show, she presented herself well as a person (i.e. she was never nasty or manipulative about others and she didn't throw a tantrum when she didnt get her way). People accross the world took to her and admired her talent and the fact that she was a frumpy 48 year old spinster from some wee town in Scotland and not some pretty 18 year old who knew how to play for the cameras, in a nutshell, she was real. But the media (in England at least) really started to dig its claws in and ripped her to shreds for claims it couldn't substantiate (other contestants spoke well of her before and after the final). They printed the pictures of her looking unhappy just before it was announced that she came second (i.e. when everyone thought she'd won) as if it was how she looked when it was announced that Diversity had won (she looked happy at that point, relieved even). Next day she goes in to the Priory due to the stress, Congratulations UK media you've picked on and harrassed a woman with learning difficulties, you must be very proud of yourselves. Also the so called "celebrity backlash" consisted of Lily Allen-a woman who can't sell records unless she's slagging someone off and who has produced a couple of decent songs but not enough to justify the amount of publicity she recieves.

I might be going to Bicester Village, Oxford to the CCO, which I'm quite pleased about and hope there is some good stuff (MAC stuff) there and hope to get a decent haul.