Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Random Post

Okay, this post has nothing much to do with makeup just me going on/venting etc.

Just found out that I will be getting a Mac in less than a fortnight, so I'm very pleased and looking forward to just playing around with it to see how it works properly, this shouldn 't have much of an impact on my posting as I will still have my laptop which is quite slow and keeps stoping but it has held out quite well when considering that I got it quite cheap in September 2007 when I went to Denmark to study for a couple of months (this went badly) and had it on for at least 12 hours a day EVERYDAY for 4 months. Aside from the power cable going on fire it has done quite well and I'm just glad I still have it. If the camera in the mac is capable I might do some videoreviews, tutorials (have quite an interesting series planned) etc.

I have had some news recently which will have an impact on my posts at the moment the news is not very nice but it is not certain if it is one that can be easily dealt with (the doctor seems to indicate that if it is one option, it will be easily dealt with, if it is the other option, he'll see what is best then but it is more complicated than option 1). The hope is that I will be able to post frequently (FYI I'm not ill) but I will need the other thing more but that will be a couple of weeks down the line and i should know in advance.

Another thing is I'm getting quite mad at the media and the way it is treating Susan Boyle. They printed things about her which turned out to be false and backed it up with misrepresentations. Throughout the show, she presented herself well as a person (i.e. she was never nasty or manipulative about others and she didn't throw a tantrum when she didnt get her way). People accross the world took to her and admired her talent and the fact that she was a frumpy 48 year old spinster from some wee town in Scotland and not some pretty 18 year old who knew how to play for the cameras, in a nutshell, she was real. But the media (in England at least) really started to dig its claws in and ripped her to shreds for claims it couldn't substantiate (other contestants spoke well of her before and after the final). They printed the pictures of her looking unhappy just before it was announced that she came second (i.e. when everyone thought she'd won) as if it was how she looked when it was announced that Diversity had won (she looked happy at that point, relieved even). Next day she goes in to the Priory due to the stress, Congratulations UK media you've picked on and harrassed a woman with learning difficulties, you must be very proud of yourselves. Also the so called "celebrity backlash" consisted of Lily Allen-a woman who can't sell records unless she's slagging someone off and who has produced a couple of decent songs but not enough to justify the amount of publicity she recieves.

I might be going to Bicester Village, Oxford to the CCO, which I'm quite pleased about and hope there is some good stuff (MAC stuff) there and hope to get a decent haul.

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