Saturday, 20 June 2009

Ipod drama no. 2

Apple restored access to the songs we'd bought on itunes and after putting them onto the ipod (and backing them up onto a CD) and uploading my CDs (about half of them anyway) I discovered that I had too much music for my ancient ipod to hold and now have to upload songs one by one, removing songs I rarely listen to in favour of my newest purchases (buying music at the click of a button is dangerously easy and costly, but on the plus I now just have songs I like and not just one or two and 10 others so I actually save in the long run plus I lack the storage space for many more discs I have about 100+ CDs and then a few double and treble CD compliations in my bedroom alone and a load more in storage and many have gone to that great CD graveyard known as my brothers room...). Hoping to upgrade my nano to one of those 16gb ipods that can hold thousands of songs but they cost about £200 and I'd want to buy a few new songs to go on it.

Anyway I should be going to bed, I got less than 2 hours sleep last night and I need to go up to Leeds in the morning.  I just never realised that I literally thought I would die, if I didn't have hundreds of songs at my fingertips at any given time. 

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