Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Vanity Post

Yet another post not entirely to do with makeup.  I would do a FOTD, but my eyes are very sore as a result of having had virtually no sleep and not needing to go anywhere, have decided not to try and force it. Hoping to make it into town to do some shopping tomorrow (want to grab one of those sleek Acid pallets and something from style warriors). Am supposed to be going to Glasgow to visit relatives and friends but my exam results are due the day were meant to be there and I really want to be able to access my results online  so that I know whether or not I will have any sort of a summer. On the other hand Glasgow shopping is amazing and I'm a bit homesick even after all this time. 

It is far too hot and my room is like a sauna, the cat is not impressed and has been stretching herself out taking up as much space as one small cat can manage.  She is just so lucky she is so cute and I don't want to go to sleep just now, or I'd be forced to kick her off the bed.

On the plus side,  I have managed to get my hands on MACs Gladiola lipstick.  I went to buy it  shortly after it came out and they'd sold out but someone was selling one for $10 shipped to the UK and used once which I just had to have.  Went to try and order Purple Rite last night of the website but it has sold out so I need to make a trip into town to see if they have it but I'm not very hopeful. I also LOVE the e/s's for style warriors so might get those when I'm in or just wait until we go up to Glasgow, but again I'm not holding out much hope of finding it.

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