Friday, 24 July 2009

Review: Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in "Fierce" (£12.50)
This just arrived in the post this morning and I immediately fell
 in love with the colour. It is a gorgeous opaque purple both in the tube and once it has been applied. This was something that I had hoped for but did not fully expect to happen, as quite often lipgloss'es apply thinly and do not offer the coverage I had hoped for and as a result I do not often buy them as I am less inclined to wear them alone rendering them a waste of money.  
The other (main) reason I rarely buy lipgloss is the texture.  They have this tendency to be very sticky and gunky and end up gluing hair  to your lips or dragging lots of sticky product across your face and glasses and it drives me insane. The illamasqua lipgloss was different it was a lot less sticky than any other glosses I have tried and despite having been outside I did not have a purple mess all over my face.  The texture is not like a lipstick or a gloss,  it is hard to accurately describe what it felt like but, it was sort of like a half way between a gloss and a lipstick.
The scent was also quite nice something which my Mum agreed on (she hated the colour). There is only really one thing that I think some people would dislike about this product and that is the applicator and the tube.  The tube is quite stiff when conside
ring that it is a squeeze out product, which I think  for some may be a bit of an issue and the top of the applicator is fairly small and I don't imagine that too many people who like to apply straight from the tube would find it very convenient, however, Personally this isn't a problem as I use a brush and appreciate that the tube tends to draw the excess back into the tube, meaning that less is spoiled on the applicators tip or in the lid.
I will most definitely  be buying this again.



Just received my stuff from Illamasqua this morning and decided to put up the swatches. Will probably put up the review later.2 coats of the nail varnish in 'Baptiste'

top: Lipstick in 'Fetish' 
Bottom: Intense Lipgloss in 'Fierce'

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Not updated for a while,but haven't done very much to write about.
My hair has settled down, I think it could have been made worse by the fact that she used hair straighteners, which I tended only to use before I had my hair cut thinner at the bottom and it used to look bushy, with it both cut thinner and straightened the effect was too much (I still prefer the way my usual hairdresser does it)  and whilst I'm not overly keen on my fringe it looks better than it did. All it need was to be washed and  for some of the Kerastase Volumaktiv (not sure how it's spelled) to be sprayed and blow dried. Although I should never be happier with what I can do with my hair than what a hairdresser can do, same goes with makeup, brows and nails (hence why I tend to do my own makeup and brows- I usually only get a polish on my nails and can do it well on my left hand but then other can be a bit messy, I wonder if they'd charge half price for one hand?).
Went on a massive depotting rampage last night and depotted everything but my style warriors stuff, I managed to do it without breaking any shadows and without ruining my straighteners or setting anything on fire so I call it a success.  That said I didn't have any magnets and need another 2 or 3 pallets to accommodate them (about 30 of them now live in  in CD cases so until I get the pallets and magnets I will be anxious for them, so a trip up to B&Q tomorrow for magnets and a rush order at  I also hope that they still do B2M and that my local counter will accept panless e/s pots and that they allow you to buy from limited edition stuff (Trimming Talk and Most Popular are crying out to me).
Considering putting an order in for some Illamasqua stuff, my main problem is that I can't see the stuff first (killing my plan for Rich Liquid Foundation- I have been told that anything from RF120 to RF145 is comparable to NW15 I don't want to spend £20 on foundation that is too dark or far too light nor can I afford or want one in each shade). The other problem is, it all looks so good to me, I am trying to constrain myself over the summer but would end up with 7 lipsticks, a dozen eyeshadows, most of the intense Lipglosses and medium pencils and a load of other stuff. I have been tempted to buy the lip pallet but sadly they don't seem to have Fetish or Perilous and those are the two I really want with Box and Ignite. So I'm trying to keep to a £50 limit for the time being (the day my student loan comes in I'm going to go crazy- roll on October. I will justify it as helping the economy by buying British- I may end up walking to Uni everyday- 6 miles and having no books except the crap out of date ones in the library, but I will have amazing makeup). I'm quite keen to see how pigmented they are and the range of colours, I think I may be 'forced' to buy Daemon and Vulgar as I don't really have any red or orange eyeshadows and obviously that is just plain wrong and upsets the karma of my collection (I hope that that works on my Mum if she gets to the post before me- I really doubt it will though).

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I may have to kill the hairdresser

She used a razor on it, it is FAR too thin at the bottom and to short at the top as a result I look like a combination of a 15 year old emo, a 1970's glam rocker and just a complete prat.  I really hate it, my Mum is like "Oh, it will grow back" yes, unless I have the misfortune to be like my Dad it will, in the meantime I have got to walk around with what looks like a cheap wig. I hate it more that the mess they made of it for the prom at least it was thick enough and long enough to tie back into a ponytail or bun for a couple of weeks. I told her I do not want it short. She has cut it so that it is short at the top and long-ish and thin at the bottom, like  horrible growing out mullet. I can't believe I actually  paid for it far less tipped them. It didn't look quite as hideous in the salon.  Thing is I don't usually go to that salon, I usually go to the more expensive one across town and get it done by the head stylist for this very reason aside from the guy I used to see up in Scotland for the year or two before we moved, every haircut was shit. I went to other salons down here they were not very nice either. I paid £40 thinking " I know what I want and can articulate clearly, what can go wrong?" Yeah wont be making that mistake again. Next time I'm going to wait for the appointment even if it takes an extra couple of weeks, hair that is too long can be styled in a way that looks okay this shit can not look anything other than shit. the sooner I can tie my hair back in a pony  the better as I can go back to my usual place and have nice hair once more. And I really wanted it to be nice, not anything special just nice.
To make matters worse my skin is really sore and I was hoping to avoid wearing makeup for a couple of days, not going to happen I look like a fat teenaged boy with this.

I have never been so upset about hair before.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

FOTD:Pink and Green

Out of boredom asked my friend Lauren to given me two different colours to use for my eyeshadow, she suggested green and pink, stating that her sister had used the same colours on her and it was "mermaid-y".  I wouldn't say that this turned out mermaid-y but I did kinda like the effect, it kinda reminded me of watermelon which I usually have on holiday so giving that it was hot yesterday, it was nice for a change.
Swimming- above crease
Stately Black- in crease
Too Faced Jealous?- to blend out swimming 
Crystal Avalanche- highlight
GOSH e/l Alligator- Lower Lashline
UD e/l Covet- waterline
Bourjois mascara Coup De Theatre
Collection 2000 glitterliner Dancing Queen- upper lashline
Too Faced Obsessed Fan- over Alligator

Dazzleglass- Date Night

Friday, 3 July 2009


Here are some swatches from the Edinburgh haul.
 These are the nail polishes from Barry M: Fuschia and Mint Green

L-R: Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Glitterliner; Funk and Hustle and Too Faced: Obsessed Fan 

Barry M Dazzledusts: 82 (Mint Green), 64 (Fuschia) and 44(Bronze). Above is applied dry in natural daylight and below is applied wet in natural daylight. 

Too Faced e/s's: Fantasy Island (Duo) and Jealous?

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

FOTD: 2 Looks

Did my makeup today using the stuff I bought in Edinburgh it looked so nice before it got all hot and wasted.

Too Faced Fantasy Island light Gold inner 1/3
Too Faced Jealousy? middle 2/3
Too Faced Fantasy Island Darker Green outer 3/3 and lower lashline
MAC Soft Force highlight
Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara
UD 24/7 liner Covet on waterline

MAC Gladiola l/s

For both looks applied light foundation and bronzer

The second look, I havent photographed from yesterday but it was nice so will describe it.

MAC Bare Study all over lid
MAC Soft Force all over lid and as a highlight
MAC Tempting over lid blended above crease and on lower lashline
MAC Night Manoeuvers Crease and over tempting on lower lashline
MAC Blacktrack f/l upper lash line
Too Faced Lava Gloss, Chocolate Lava waterline
Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara

MAC Gladiola l/s

Heat + Makeup= NO,NO,NO

It has been so hot today it is unbelieveable. Went to Edinburgh yesterday but unfortunately I got less than an hour in the shops. Still I did manage to do some damage in Jenners and Superdrug. The Superdrug in Princes Street is amazing, it is so clean and well organised. The testers are used for testing and the seals remained in tact on the for sale products (unlike the one in town where it is just frankly in a disgusting mess and no-one seems to respect the fact that other people might want to buy stuff. more than once I've gone in and had to take the lids off of every eyeliner at the GOSH stand to try and find one that hadnt been used, which they had, despite the tester being prominantly stickered- this really pisses me off).

Did my makeup the last two days as I was going to be outside. Both times it was gorgeous just after I had applied it then I left the house... Yesterday, I was in the car for hours and by time I was half way through my journey my face was greasy and oily (it is usually quite dry) and just generally disgusting looking. Today it essentially melted off my face (luckily I had blotting paper on hand) and it was a bit of a mess within about an hour. No idea what I'm going to do with it until the end of the week as I have to go somewhere everyday and its due to be boiling until the end of the week. The foundation had been mineral as well...

It is so hot I cannot sleep, I have had to have a fan on at night to help me but my Dad has stashed it in his room despite not using it meaning neither me nor my equally roasted brother can get the benefit as he and Mum are asleep in the coolest part of the house. Really pissed off, couldnt get my hands on any tower fans the other day, it isnt usually this hot here, so when it is everyone buys fans etc

I got my exam results today, I got the equivilent of a 2.1 (it was for 1st year so doesnt count towards final grade), I'm quite pleased with it my exam grades were mediocre but I had been under a great deal of pressure due to an illness in the family and I did improve the exam grade by 10% on what I got in the mock exams in January). If I keep this up I will be able to go and do a PhD at Edinburgh or any other Uni, which will rock.

Anyway, here is a picture of what I bought:

Too Faced e/s's in Jealous? and Fantasy Island (the duo), Too Faced glitter liner in Obsessed Fan, Collection 2000 glittery liners in Funk and Hustle, Barry M Dazzle Dusts in 44 (Bronze), 64 (Fuschia) and 82 (Mint Green), Barry M Nail polishes in Fuschia and Mint Green also the MAC Gladiola lipstick I ordered off of the internet (and love).