Thursday, 16 July 2009


Not updated for a while,but haven't done very much to write about.
My hair has settled down, I think it could have been made worse by the fact that she used hair straighteners, which I tended only to use before I had my hair cut thinner at the bottom and it used to look bushy, with it both cut thinner and straightened the effect was too much (I still prefer the way my usual hairdresser does it)  and whilst I'm not overly keen on my fringe it looks better than it did. All it need was to be washed and  for some of the Kerastase Volumaktiv (not sure how it's spelled) to be sprayed and blow dried. Although I should never be happier with what I can do with my hair than what a hairdresser can do, same goes with makeup, brows and nails (hence why I tend to do my own makeup and brows- I usually only get a polish on my nails and can do it well on my left hand but then other can be a bit messy, I wonder if they'd charge half price for one hand?).
Went on a massive depotting rampage last night and depotted everything but my style warriors stuff, I managed to do it without breaking any shadows and without ruining my straighteners or setting anything on fire so I call it a success.  That said I didn't have any magnets and need another 2 or 3 pallets to accommodate them (about 30 of them now live in  in CD cases so until I get the pallets and magnets I will be anxious for them, so a trip up to B&Q tomorrow for magnets and a rush order at  I also hope that they still do B2M and that my local counter will accept panless e/s pots and that they allow you to buy from limited edition stuff (Trimming Talk and Most Popular are crying out to me).
Considering putting an order in for some Illamasqua stuff, my main problem is that I can't see the stuff first (killing my plan for Rich Liquid Foundation- I have been told that anything from RF120 to RF145 is comparable to NW15 I don't want to spend £20 on foundation that is too dark or far too light nor can I afford or want one in each shade). The other problem is, it all looks so good to me, I am trying to constrain myself over the summer but would end up with 7 lipsticks, a dozen eyeshadows, most of the intense Lipglosses and medium pencils and a load of other stuff. I have been tempted to buy the lip pallet but sadly they don't seem to have Fetish or Perilous and those are the two I really want with Box and Ignite. So I'm trying to keep to a £50 limit for the time being (the day my student loan comes in I'm going to go crazy- roll on October. I will justify it as helping the economy by buying British- I may end up walking to Uni everyday- 6 miles and having no books except the crap out of date ones in the library, but I will have amazing makeup). I'm quite keen to see how pigmented they are and the range of colours, I think I may be 'forced' to buy Daemon and Vulgar as I don't really have any red or orange eyeshadows and obviously that is just plain wrong and upsets the karma of my collection (I hope that that works on my Mum if she gets to the post before me- I really doubt it will though).

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