Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I may have to kill the hairdresser

She used a razor on it, it is FAR too thin at the bottom and to short at the top as a result I look like a combination of a 15 year old emo, a 1970's glam rocker and just a complete prat.  I really hate it, my Mum is like "Oh, it will grow back" yes, unless I have the misfortune to be like my Dad it will, in the meantime I have got to walk around with what looks like a cheap wig. I hate it more that the mess they made of it for the prom at least it was thick enough and long enough to tie back into a ponytail or bun for a couple of weeks. I told her I do not want it short. She has cut it so that it is short at the top and long-ish and thin at the bottom, like  horrible growing out mullet. I can't believe I actually  paid for it far less tipped them. It didn't look quite as hideous in the salon.  Thing is I don't usually go to that salon, I usually go to the more expensive one across town and get it done by the head stylist for this very reason aside from the guy I used to see up in Scotland for the year or two before we moved, every haircut was shit. I went to other salons down here they were not very nice either. I paid £40 thinking " I know what I want and can articulate clearly, what can go wrong?" Yeah wont be making that mistake again. Next time I'm going to wait for the appointment even if it takes an extra couple of weeks, hair that is too long can be styled in a way that looks okay this shit can not look anything other than shit. the sooner I can tie my hair back in a pony  the better as I can go back to my usual place and have nice hair once more. And I really wanted it to be nice, not anything special just nice.
To make matters worse my skin is really sore and I was hoping to avoid wearing makeup for a couple of days, not going to happen I look like a fat teenaged boy with this.

I have never been so upset about hair before.

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