Sunday, 29 March 2009

First Post: Review

First post is a review of the Magic Milk Bath Oil in Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom by Rituals (£8.50).

This is possibly the best bath product I have ever bought (and that is quite a lot). As it was a bath oil I was expecting it to be, well, oily once it had been poured into the bath but surprisingly it was actually quite 'dry' and was no more hazardous than an ordinary bubble bath (but without bubbles-it did turn milky when it came into contact with water). 5/5

I believe that this is avaliable in a variety of fragrances but the Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom was just gorgeous, it smells quite flowery and the smell lingers for a while but it is quite delicate and not unpleasant or overpowering. There are other products in this range including a body cream, shower gels etc which is good if you want the smell to last a little longer (haven't tried these yet but will). 5/5

The packaging is a glass bottle and it looks quite pretty, there is a plastic stopper inside which can be a bit fidgety but not enough of a nuisance to take away from the product. 4.5/5

Pricewise I think it was reasonable but I don't think I'll be using it every day, however, it isn't so expensive that I'd be reluctant to use it whenever I wanted to and I don't think that you need to use too much of it to get the benefit of it. 5/5

Overall 5/5