Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Swatch: RMK Lipstick Holographic Red Cherry

This is a nice pinky-red colour, with subtle violet-blue glitter through it (does not look glittery). Has good coverage but feels like one of MAC's lustre lipsticks. Costs £15 from (order on Monday afternoon arrived Tuesday morning)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Most of the stuff I ordered yesterday has arrived.

2x simple face wipesHei poa monoi oil (coconut)
Daniel Galvin Jr Organic shampoo and conditioner (for red hair)
Dr Bronner Liquid castile soap (peppermint, 2 sizes)
Lush Advobath bathbomb
Lush Jasmine scented Bathbomb (can't remember the name, it's a new one)
Moa the green balm
Lucas' papaw ointment
RMK Holographic Red Cherry lipstick
Barry M Dazzledust Lime, Orange and a glittery silver one
OCC Lip tars Pageant, Katricia and Anime
Bourjois black glittery liquid liner

Not Pictured:
Lush Vanilla Fountain bath bomb (used last night)
Too Faced Candlelight powder
Miss Wax leg waxing strips (not arrived yet)

Monday, 19 April 2010

As predicted...

... I came off my no buy this morning and now have to go back on it. Didn't go too crazy but need to be careful as I need to pay my tuition fees (last instalment-yay!) and the rest of the money for my trips abroad this summer (fingers crossed there will be no repeat of the volcano dust problem when I go to Sweden, Brussels is less of a problem since it will be by eurostar). I'm desperately trying to find a job (not going too well). Will do a big post when my lovely stuff arrives.