Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Birthday EOTD

I am now inescapably in my late 20's which is a slightly depressing thought. Had a reasonably good day, My Dad and brother had bought this massive chocolate cake meant to feed 20 people and as a result we're going to be eating a lot of cake to get rid of it and I got to but a load of books without having to pay for them myself.

Makeup was a 1980's inspired but fairly simple look.

NYX jumbo e/s pencil in oyster- lid
Sugarpill chromalust in birthday girl- lid
Medusa's e/s in electro purple- crease
Medusa's e/s in electro green-lower lashline
MAC p/m in pink opal- highlight
Barry M white eyeliner-waterline
Collection 2000 glittery liner in disco queen- upper lashline
Benefit bad gal lashes

Friday, 17 June 2011

Margarita: Love and Destroy

I was really bored earlier today so I decided to try a look inspired by a scene in my favourite book, The Master and Margarita. This is kinda how I think of her makeup during her flight over Moscow (not at Wolands Ball where I imagine her face to be even paler, more sharply contoured and the eyes darker- a bit like how they did Illamasquas Dystopia collection a couple of years ago).

I initially thought of trying to replicate the look in the video at the bottom (the song is Love and Destroy by Franz Ferdinand and the video is a scene from a Russian tv adaptation of the book). I had remembered the eyeshadow wrong so it is quite different.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Swatches: Ben Nye Green and Purple Eyeshadows

Royal Purple, Amethyst, Cosmic Violet
Mermaid Green, Jade, Chartreus

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ben Nye Eyeshadows-Size

I recently bought 2 Ben Nye Grand Lumiere eyeshadows and was surprised at the difference in size between the individual ones, the palette ones and a MAC eyeshadow. Considering that a Ben nye shadow costs about £11 it is amazing to see just how much you get compared to MAC.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Miscellaneous Non-makeup Post

This makes me wish I lived in London, a feeling I have been getting quite a lot over the past 6 months. I have been looking into moving there and it is probable that I would need to move there anyway as most of the jobs in the field I want to work in are based there, as well as 2 of the Universities where I would want to do a PhD.

There seems to be a lot to do in London, plenty of shops and a chance to reinvent myself as something other than a shy, slightly reclusive nerd who never goes out. I have decided to try save up when I get a job and try to move there once I finish my Masters next summer. Not really sure why I'm posting this here but I suppose it is since I'm trying to find a starting point for moving. I have been to London twice and one those time was to get the Eurostar, so doesn't really count. I have no idea what areas are good but not too expensive and not too far away from the city centre.


I had intended doing a post on pressing pigments and a look with the ones I have pressed today, however, my mishap with the pigments yesterday has ruled that one out and as I don't want to aggravate my eyes any more than they have been, I won't be doing an EOTD today. So, here are some of my older ones that I haven't posted:

Not sure of these colours but I think the lighter one is Bitter (MAC) and the darker one is Sassy Grass (MAC- LE).

This one was done using all of the colours in the Sugarpill Burning Heart and Sweetheart Quads.
This was done with the 88 colour shimmer palette.
I think this was Juxt and Atlantic blue by MAC, with my favourite false lashes.

Pressing Pigments/ Ordering Fail

I made my first attempt at pressing pigments the other day and they looked pretty good, so I ordered eyeshadow pans, a pallet and a couple of other things off the internet yesterday afternoon and I was quite happy until last night. The pigments had been dry for more than 24 hours, so I decided to try them out and I felt as if my eyes were going to melt out of their sockets, it was really sore and they are feeling a bit sensitive just now. All thoughts of pressing any more pigments have gone out of the window, the alcohol clearly does not agree with me and I have no desire to re-test the pigments. The pallet can easily and cheaply be sent back to the seller as it was from in the UK; the empty pans, dropper and the presser were cheap but there are 50 pans on their way here and everything will just be left in a box doing nothing but getting in the way. I was going to contact the seller but I checked the account which said that it has been sent so there is nothing I or the seller can do about it until it arrives.

If there is anyone out there who wants 50 empty tin 26mm eyeshadow pans, the presser and a dropper can email me at: makeupaddict77@googlemail.com.

I shouldn't have ordered until I tried the pigments on my eyes. Lesson (painfully) learnt.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

EOTD's: Purples

Was a bit bored and have been playing with makeup this is what I did tonight:

MUFE 92-Lid and 2/3 lower lashline
MAC Lucky Tom- over 92
MAC Romping- Crease and inner 1/3 lower lashline
Sugarpill Dollypop- above crease
MAC Yoghurt- to blend out Romping
Sugarpill Tako- Highlight
MAC Stately Black- outer 1/3 lower lashline
Maybelline black kohl liner- waterline
Barry M- Purple glittery liner
Too Faced lash injection
MAC Pink Reflects glitter-over Romping

A nice simple look for nipping out to Tesco:

MAC Vibrant Grape inner 2/3 of lid and lower lashline
Ben Nye Royal Purple- outer 1/3 lid and lower lashline
MAC Vellum- Highlight
Maybelline black kohl- waterline
Too Faced lash injection
Too Faced lash injection pinpoint

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

EOTD: Too Christmassy for June?

I really like this look but I think that it might be a bit too Christmassy for June.

NYX Rocky Mountain Green e/s pencil- Lid
Sugarpill Chromalust in Tipsy-Lid
Sugarpill e/s in Love+ - Outer Crease
Sugarpill e/s in Flamepoint- Inner Crease
Sugarpill e/s in Dollypop- Blended into top of Love+
Ben Nye e/s in Mermaid Green- In crease
Sugarpill e/s in Tako- Highlight
Sugarpill e/s in Buttercupcake- Inner Corner
Sugarpill e/s in Love +-Inner 1/2 Lower lashline
Sugarpill e/s in Poison Plum- Outer 1/2 Lower Lashline
Maybelline gel liner
Maybelline black eye kohl
Benefit Bad Gal lash'es

EOTD: Purples

Medusa's Makeup loose e/s in Purple Rain- Lid
Sugarpill chromalust in Hysteric- over Purple Rain
Ben Nye e/s in Royal Purple- above crease
Medusa's makeup e/s in Electro Purple- over Royal Purple
Sugarpill chromalust in Weekender-inner crease
Sugarpill e/s in Afterparty- lower lashline
Sugarpill chromalust in Royal Sugar- over Afterparty
MAC e/s in Black Tied- crease
Sugarpill e/s in Tako- Highlighter
Maybelline eye Kohl in Black- waterline
Bourjois glittery liquid liner- upper lashline
Benefit Gad Gal lashes

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Have you ever loved the smell of the perfume you've been wearing so much you were reluctant to shower it off*? This is how I felt this evening with this perfume.
For years I have loved Angel by Thierry Mugler which I still count as my favourite; I love Alien almost as much although I don't have the same sentimental attachment to it that I have with Angel (yet).

The bottle for Alien is lovely and it looks like an artifact you'd find in an alien craft, like a precious, purple gemstone engraved with hieroglyphics carrying ancient secrets. I have read comments where people don't think too highly of the bottles (someone said they looked like penguins); they aren't necessarily to everyones taste as with everything but I think they're fun and the 'penguin' comment amuses me.

The perfume itself was lovely, it has been described as smelling of Amber, Jasmine and Cashmeran, I'll be honest on this I cannot really say too much as I have no idea what cashmeran is, but the jasmine was ever present; if you don't like jasmine, then you probably won't like Alien. Much like the bottle opinion seems to be divided on the fragrance with some saying it is a real 'scrubber' (a feeling I have only had with a perfume once before) and claiming they could smell a chemical element to it, I couldn't smell that and I love this perfume which works well with my personal chemistry.

*I did, however, wash it off.