Saturday, 11 June 2011


I had intended doing a post on pressing pigments and a look with the ones I have pressed today, however, my mishap with the pigments yesterday has ruled that one out and as I don't want to aggravate my eyes any more than they have been, I won't be doing an EOTD today. So, here are some of my older ones that I haven't posted:

Not sure of these colours but I think the lighter one is Bitter (MAC) and the darker one is Sassy Grass (MAC- LE).

This one was done using all of the colours in the Sugarpill Burning Heart and Sweetheart Quads.
This was done with the 88 colour shimmer palette.
I think this was Juxt and Atlantic blue by MAC, with my favourite false lashes.


  1. Wow they're all beautiful! I love the lashes in the last one and the blue waterline. And I love the first two looks a huge amount.

  2. Thanks, I though I had posted the second one ages ago.