Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pressing Pigments/ Ordering Fail

I made my first attempt at pressing pigments the other day and they looked pretty good, so I ordered eyeshadow pans, a pallet and a couple of other things off the internet yesterday afternoon and I was quite happy until last night. The pigments had been dry for more than 24 hours, so I decided to try them out and I felt as if my eyes were going to melt out of their sockets, it was really sore and they are feeling a bit sensitive just now. All thoughts of pressing any more pigments have gone out of the window, the alcohol clearly does not agree with me and I have no desire to re-test the pigments. The pallet can easily and cheaply be sent back to the seller as it was from in the UK; the empty pans, dropper and the presser were cheap but there are 50 pans on their way here and everything will just be left in a box doing nothing but getting in the way. I was going to contact the seller but I checked the account which said that it has been sent so there is nothing I or the seller can do about it until it arrives.

If there is anyone out there who wants 50 empty tin 26mm eyeshadow pans, the presser and a dropper can email me at:

I shouldn't have ordered until I tried the pigments on my eyes. Lesson (painfully) learnt.


  1. How much do they cost? I'm just about to make an order to TKB for some pans :) And what material are they made of? Do they need extra adhesion or are they easily magnetized?
    I press my shadows with Estonian vodka (contains 80% alcohol) and dimethicone mix of TKB origin - no complaints so far. Not even from people with very sensitive skin.
    Or maybe you just have to change your method? Do it the way TKB people recommend: just add the liquid binder into the mix, sieve through repeatedly and then press in 3 layers - the powder should look almost dry during the entire thing. Of course you need to press down really hard then.

  2. I ordered them from they are made of tin and should stick to a magnetized palette, the ones I ordered someone else has already expressed an interest in them but cost $2.49 per pack of 10 form the site. If I ever decide to try again (not for the forseeable future) I will try your method in the hope that my eyes don't hurt again, that said the pigments seem to have set well, so I am disappointed that it was painful as I prefer solid shadows but loved those colours.