Thursday, 2 June 2011

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Have you ever loved the smell of the perfume you've been wearing so much you were reluctant to shower it off*? This is how I felt this evening with this perfume.
For years I have loved Angel by Thierry Mugler which I still count as my favourite; I love Alien almost as much although I don't have the same sentimental attachment to it that I have with Angel (yet).

The bottle for Alien is lovely and it looks like an artifact you'd find in an alien craft, like a precious, purple gemstone engraved with hieroglyphics carrying ancient secrets. I have read comments where people don't think too highly of the bottles (someone said they looked like penguins); they aren't necessarily to everyones taste as with everything but I think they're fun and the 'penguin' comment amuses me.

The perfume itself was lovely, it has been described as smelling of Amber, Jasmine and Cashmeran, I'll be honest on this I cannot really say too much as I have no idea what cashmeran is, but the jasmine was ever present; if you don't like jasmine, then you probably won't like Alien. Much like the bottle opinion seems to be divided on the fragrance with some saying it is a real 'scrubber' (a feeling I have only had with a perfume once before) and claiming they could smell a chemical element to it, I couldn't smell that and I love this perfume which works well with my personal chemistry.

*I did, however, wash it off.

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  1. I like Alien (and Angel as well), however when I wear Alien, I feel more cool and refreshed. Everyone describes it as a “warm” scent, but for me it it feels so cool its almost cold. I guess thats where skin chemistry plays in? One More site for Alien Perfume