Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Black Vetyver Café Cologne by Jo Malone

Black Vetyver Café Cologne by Jo Malone, £34.00 (30 mls), £68.00(100mls)

I hesitated before writing this review as I was convinced that I must be wrong in my intense dislike of it due to the overwhelmingly positive
reviews of it elsewhere.
For a long time I had been desperate to try Jo Malone products as they look lovely and the descriptions sound gorgeous, but as I don’t live near a store I had to buy online. I finally caved and bought a bottle last week. The description sounded lovely and I had the thought of a nice smoke-y coffee scent.
When it arrived I was really excited by the packaging, which is quite simple but sophisticated looking and I received 2 free samples which were nice; when I first smelled the perfumes I was really disappointed that I had paid for the one I had and if I’m honest, I still am.

I applied it as I normally would and within 15 minutes I had to shower it off as it seemed to get progressively stronger to the point where it was offensive and I felt nauseous. I have tried wearing it by spraying it once in to the air and walking through the mist; this did seem to work and it was much more wearable, however, every time I even think about it I feel a bit sick and don’t think I will ever wear it again.
According to the website the main smells are;
Top Note: Coffee Bean
Heart Note: Coriander Leaf
Base Note: Temple Incense
To be honest I can’t smell any coffee and it doesn’t smell anything like what I was expecting. It doesn’t smell too bad, in fact if it hadn’t smelled so strongly the first time I wore it I might have really liked it. The two samples were really nice (Nectarine Blossom and Honey and White Jasmine and Mint) and I might buy one of those in the future or if I can get to a store I might try one of the others but I don’t think I’ll go for this one again.
If anyone wants this one (only been spritzed 5 times) contact me and I might sell it as I don’t see the point in keeping something I know I won't wear again.

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