Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Obligatory Sugarpill Post

This is possibly one of my all time favourite brands as I can't praise it more highly. Every review of Sugarpill I have read has been positive and when I first bought the first quad I was really impressed but held off writing any sort of review until now for a couple of reasons: i) There is nothing in this review that hasn't been said in more or less every other review and as result there is no great need to rush to put it out; ii) I wanted to get a good selection of the products and get a good usage out of them; and iii) I normally order from UK based retailers (love-makeup and cocktail cosmetics) and wanted to order stuff in from Sugarpill in the US.Quads in Burning Heart and Sweetheart
False Lashes
Chromalusts in Goldilux, Absinthe, Royal Sugar, Tipsy, Hysteric and Weekender; sample chromalust in Birthday Girl
Burning Heart Quad: Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+ and Poison Plum. Top row is on bare skin, bottom on TFSI

Sweetheart Quad: Dollypop, Afterparty, Midori and Tako.

The colours are very bold and are much the same on the skin as they are in the pallette. As can be seen from the swatches they don't need primer to make them any stronger but it is still a good idea as they can sometimes stain the eye (esp. Love+ and Poison Plum) as well as helping to eradicate the dreaded creasage (how we lived pre-primer I have no idea). If you love bright colours and don't already have this then I can't recommend this highly enough.

Left to Right: Absinthe, Tipsy, Goldilux, hysteric, Weekender, Royal Sugar, and Birthday Girl (all over TFSI).

I have mentioned in the past that I am not a big fan of loose shadows except for these. The chromalusts are just amazing; they're vibrant, shimmery, some are really glittery and they are all really gorgeous and unique. I will definitely be buying more once I have a job (really want Stella next).

You can't really talk about Sugarpill without mentioning the packaging which is sturdy and functional, the quads have mirrors and feel reasonably heavily (which to me implies quality). It is just really, really pretty and it is really obvious that the owner has put a lot of thought into her product and invested a lot of her time and energy into the whole product rather than just parts of it. Even the samples are very well designed:
I received an email on the first working day after I ordered to say it was sent and it arrived about 2 weeks later (left at the front door, in full view of a very busy main road despite everyone being in at the time, which led to the box (which has the cute Sugarpill kitty on it) nearly being stood on by my brother- I really hate Royal Mail.)

This is a company that deserves to do well: the product is great, unique and has been really well thought out.


  1. wow Great packaging and the shadows look amazing!! i love the colors!!