Friday, 27 May 2011

Random Post (Contains a Cat)

Was really bored last night after tidying my room so I decided to do something with the various pamphlets from various cosmetics companies, this is what I ended up with:

Just blu-taked onto the back of an old £3 whiteboard, these are just too pretty to leave in a drawer.

 Jess was at the vet about 2 weeks ago as I didn't like the look of one of her teeth, which it turned out was infected and had to be removed under anesthetic. According to the vet about 80% of cats and dogs will have tooth disease and in a cat Jess's age (15 1/2) they will usually remove all of their teeth rather than just the one; it must be in part due owners not usually checking their teeth (a difficult task with Jess, usually she'll get annoyed and run away but this time she sat still so I got a good look, so it must have been hurting her and she hadn't been eating right). She is much better and she immediately started to eat better and has put on weight so she is doing well and is a nice, healthy cat. She does have a shaved front leg.


  1. Aww poor Jess! I like when animals have a little shaved bit, it feels all velvety :P

  2. I know it is lovely, I'm just glad she isn't in any discomfort any more which is the worst thing about having a pet: they can't say what's wrong, you need to work it out, which if their behaviour has not changed dramatically can be difficult