Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Heat + Makeup= NO,NO,NO

It has been so hot today it is unbelieveable. Went to Edinburgh yesterday but unfortunately I got less than an hour in the shops. Still I did manage to do some damage in Jenners and Superdrug. The Superdrug in Princes Street is amazing, it is so clean and well organised. The testers are used for testing and the seals remained in tact on the for sale products (unlike the one in town where it is just frankly in a disgusting mess and no-one seems to respect the fact that other people might want to buy stuff. more than once I've gone in and had to take the lids off of every eyeliner at the GOSH stand to try and find one that hadnt been used, which they had, despite the tester being prominantly stickered- this really pisses me off).

Did my makeup the last two days as I was going to be outside. Both times it was gorgeous just after I had applied it then I left the house... Yesterday, I was in the car for hours and by time I was half way through my journey my face was greasy and oily (it is usually quite dry) and just generally disgusting looking. Today it essentially melted off my face (luckily I had blotting paper on hand) and it was a bit of a mess within about an hour. No idea what I'm going to do with it until the end of the week as I have to go somewhere everyday and its due to be boiling until the end of the week. The foundation had been mineral as well...

It is so hot I cannot sleep, I have had to have a fan on at night to help me but my Dad has stashed it in his room despite not using it meaning neither me nor my equally roasted brother can get the benefit as he and Mum are asleep in the coolest part of the house. Really pissed off, couldnt get my hands on any tower fans the other day, it isnt usually this hot here, so when it is everyone buys fans etc

I got my exam results today, I got the equivilent of a 2.1 (it was for 1st year so doesnt count towards final grade), I'm quite pleased with it my exam grades were mediocre but I had been under a great deal of pressure due to an illness in the family and I did improve the exam grade by 10% on what I got in the mock exams in January). If I keep this up I will be able to go and do a PhD at Edinburgh or any other Uni, which will rock.

Anyway, here is a picture of what I bought:

Too Faced e/s's in Jealous? and Fantasy Island (the duo), Too Faced glitter liner in Obsessed Fan, Collection 2000 glittery liners in Funk and Hustle, Barry M Dazzle Dusts in 44 (Bronze), 64 (Fuschia) and 82 (Mint Green), Barry M Nail polishes in Fuschia and Mint Green also the MAC Gladiola lipstick I ordered off of the internet (and love).


  1. great haul! I wish we had barry m here. the dazzledusts look so amazing!

  2. Nice haul and well done on your uni grade. I slept really weird ast night and have woken up with really bad neckache. I know it's from all the tossing and turning I was doing last night.

    I hate muggy Summer nights.

  3. Em
    Thanks.The dazzledusts are gorgeous, I swatched them and will post them later on tonight. I think Barry M ship internationally, not sure what the shipping is like pricewise, but the actual products are inexpensive but amazing.

    Thanks. I totally understand about the heat and the interference of sleep. People talk about it being hot here as if it is the same as being hot when you go away on holiday but it isn't, on holiday you can get air con or access to a pool or beach easily, whereas it is rarely this bad and most people have no real usage of these things or the space (they were selling a massive- it came up to my chest level and I'm 5'9 and my 6'3 brother was able to lie down in it and there was loads of space at his feet -paddling pool for £200 recently but it was too big for the garden which is quite long but quite narrow sadly. I am considering buying it and setting it up in the parking space behind the house, but fear waking up one morning to find it full of chavs...). Roll on Autumn...