Friday, 24 July 2009

Review: Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in "Fierce" (£12.50)
This just arrived in the post this morning and I immediately fell
 in love with the colour. It is a gorgeous opaque purple both in the tube and once it has been applied. This was something that I had hoped for but did not fully expect to happen, as quite often lipgloss'es apply thinly and do not offer the coverage I had hoped for and as a result I do not often buy them as I am less inclined to wear them alone rendering them a waste of money.  
The other (main) reason I rarely buy lipgloss is the texture.  They have this tendency to be very sticky and gunky and end up gluing hair  to your lips or dragging lots of sticky product across your face and glasses and it drives me insane. The illamasqua lipgloss was different it was a lot less sticky than any other glosses I have tried and despite having been outside I did not have a purple mess all over my face.  The texture is not like a lipstick or a gloss,  it is hard to accurately describe what it felt like but, it was sort of like a half way between a gloss and a lipstick.
The scent was also quite nice something which my Mum agreed on (she hated the colour). There is only really one thing that I think some people would dislike about this product and that is the applicator and the tube.  The tube is quite stiff when conside
ring that it is a squeeze out product, which I think  for some may be a bit of an issue and the top of the applicator is fairly small and I don't imagine that too many people who like to apply straight from the tube would find it very convenient, however, Personally this isn't a problem as I use a brush and appreciate that the tube tends to draw the excess back into the tube, meaning that less is spoiled on the applicators tip or in the lid.
I will most definitely  be buying this again.



  1. I have one of these glosses in Besotted and it's amazing!
    I wish shipping to Canada wasn't so expensive though as I would order more!

  2. I just wish they had more counters where you could match up the colours first especially for foundation.