Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Finally got my mac today, it is gorgeous but massive. Unfortunately, I haven't worked out how to upload photos from my camera yet, but will try again later.

I tried to change my itunes account from the really old computer (we only ever used it for itunes)to my new one, unfortunately, it erased all of my music from the account and from my ipod. I had about 800 songs on it, most of which I had downloaded from itunes or from cds which are now in storage. I'm a bit gutted. Since the account was in my brothers name (we have a similar taste in music so shared the account), he phoned apple and the guy there said they should be able to allow him access to the songs purchased (not the ones added from CD) but he was to email them to see about it. I hope to God they allow use access soon.  I'm meant to be going up to Leeds on Saturday. I cannot be in a car for the 3 hours or so it takes to get there without music. I will go insane, my mind will cave in and it will be very unpleasant. I only ever get a bit travel sick if I go for long periods in a car without music and only if it is plugged in to my ears  (I think it must be the fact that it cancels out other noises). Anyway fingers crossed that they let us have access to the music, if nothing else it will be very expensive and time consuming to download it all over again.

I think I may be having a quarter life crisis.  Some of my friends seem to be feeling the same.  When our parents were around our age (I'm 24 at the weekend) they had careers, money etc, in fact my parents were married, had their careers, a house and a car at 19. Since I left school at 17, I've been to college and 2 universities (transfered just before the final year to this course) since I'm studying Law in order to practice, I have 2 more years undergrad, 1 year studying for the Bar, a 1 year pupillage and then I might get a tenancy. I will be almost 30 IF it goes smoothly.  It was so much easier in my mothers day but it has to be said my Mum has an IQ of 145 (with maths-its about 160 without) although I have a higher than average IQ it isnt anything like that (my brothers is probably close to Mums). and if I'm almost 30 when I start my career properly, I'll be well over it when I try to buy a house. The only benefit I see over when my Mum was my age is that now we have computers and non cakey foundation.

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