Thursday, 28 May 2009

Review: Nars Night Breed Eyeshadows

Night Breed Eyeshadows in Night Porter and Night Flight (£15.00 each) from

(Night Porter-Left, Night Flight-Right)

I bought these e/s's a couple of weeks ago and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure what to make of them.

Night Porter is a dark green with a green sparkle, Night Flight is a dark blue with a blue sparkle. I do actually like them but I suspect that my expectation of them has not been met and I'm feeling a little disappointed, something I don't think would have happened if I had gone into a department store and bought it at a stand where I could see it before I bought it (There isnt a Nars where I live, the closest I'm aware of is probably in London which is over an hour and a half away by train and where I have been a grand total of once since I'm terrified of going on the underground and getting lost a fear i had in New York but not in Glasgow poss. since if you get on the wrong circle you'll end up where you wanted to anyway, just takes longer-still wouldn't advise it on a football day esp if its an Old Firm match most especially if it is at Ibrox which is on the route). Anyway, back to the e/s, I found that to get any of the sparkle you had to press it on to the lid (best done over a primer and base), if you brush it on the colour weakened and didnt look very good. I have used the Night Flight in a look I have already posted here (the eurovision look) and as I mentioned then, it doesnt take to being blended, which kinda limits its scope.

I would probably press it on to the lids over a paint pot like Bare Study until I got a nice dark sparkly look or at the most apply a different shadow to the crease and blend it very carefully to see if it would work. then add liberal amounts of kohl liner to the lower lashline and waterline and then put on a lot of mascara and/or false lashes.

There was a fair bit of fall out as might be expected but there is quite alot of the product probably more than a MAC and I think there is more than in a MUFE refill (but not 100% sure).

As for it being worth the money? Well it was a nice product and it will last a long while but I'm not sure that I personally will get the full benefit from it but it might be fun to get it out now and again but I just dont think I could justify spending another £15 on one unless I saw it in person and decided I really wanted it. It also doesnt help that I didnt own a single item of Nars makeup (that said I'm totally in love with their Albatross Highlighter). I would buy from Nars again ( I have my eye on the sparkling pressed powder but since there are 3 colours and i havent seen them in person I'm a bit reluctant to spend £22- but would like the Gold Rush shade or the Machu Picchu one but not really keen on the Venus which might look a bit too pink and be a sort of little girl-esque nightmare but the others could be designed for people with darker skin than mine or atleast who are capable of getting a tan and not turning scarlet in the sun).

Overall 3.5-4/5


  1. I quite like using these wet to pick up more of the sparkle :) the sparkling pressed powders are nice but albatross is better in my opinion!

  2. I will try that, I rarely use e/s's wet as I worry about damaging them.
    Thanks for the heads up on the sparkling powders, will just stick with albatross untill I can see them rather than end up with another product I dont really use much