Monday, 25 May 2009

Review: Treacle Moon Body Scrub

Treacle Moon Body Scrub "My Coconut Island" (£2.89) avaliable in Tesco.
Unusually, the weather has been very hot today (even hotter than in Spain and its Bank Holiday weekend!!!!!!), so faced with the prospect of Short sleeved tops I decided that it would be wise to invest in some body scrub and on my hastily arranged trip to Tesco for Ice Lollies and cold drinks, thought I'd grab it there. My local Tesco isn't exactly overloaded with options (despite it being fairly large) but it did have some lovely scrubs including the one I bought.

As the name suggests, it smells of Coconut but not like the horrible scents you'd expect in something costing less than £3. It genuinely smells of holidays spent lazing around the pool or on the beach (if you like that sort of thing) or the warm balmy nights out, on some lovely Mediterranean Waterfront sipping Pina Coladas.
(A close up of some of the grains in the scrub rubbed on to palm of my hand)

As a scrub it was very nice and it was effective, it wasn't too scratchy or abrasive (still, i wouldn't recommend it for use on the face) and when applied in a circular motion to wet skin it was lovely and relaxing. It rinsed off easily enough and has left my skin feeling soft and smooth. It has even made a visible improvement on the skin of my upper arms which usually looks horrible and uneven after more than a year hidden under long sleeved tops due to the winter and terrible weather last summer (and I rarely go out in the sun being pale, auburn haired and Scottish and as a result burn very very easily and need to layer on tonnes of Factor 50).

Treacle Moon also makes other products to go with this and in other fragrances if you arent too keen on Coconut (I'm a total fiend for coconut and pineapple stuff). It doesn't hurt that the packaging is quite pretty too without being too much. I love this stuff BUY IT!!!!!!!!! 5/5

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