Sunday, 24 May 2009

Review: Mehron Brush Treatment

(Pictured with the Mehron ProColorRing Neutralizer)This is basically a brush cleaner. To use all you need to do is dip the bristles into the liquid and wipe off on a cotton wool pad or a tissue. It does take off much off the makeup and it does not transfer and of the old product when you use it again meaning that it is very good for use on a daily basis. I would, however, say that it is a good idea to give the brushes a good wet wash with the MAC brush cleaner every few days to take all of the colour out and it might be more appropriate to think of the treatment as if it is a cleansing hand gel, use when you need to and between washes but don't use instead of washing.

Although it did take alot of the product off and it did not transfer any of the old stuff i have found that it does not take the stains out of my white bristled brushes like the 239 which still had some of the blue in it despite having been cleaned using the treatment twice, it was the Mac stuff that removed the remained and the brush now looks as good as new.

The treatment dries quickly and has a nice sort of minty scent to it. Overall 5/5, If you want to use it as your only cleaner 4/5.

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