Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Review: Too Faced Lip Injection

The Too Faced Lip Injection came as part of a set and is also sold individually (approx. £12).
Whilst I don't actually need a lip plumper, I decided to give this a try. When using a lip plumping product it is expected that there will be a tingling sensation, so I was not surprised when I started to experience some tingling, I was unprepared for how unpleasant it actually was. I haved plumpers in the past and expected a cool almost minty tingle as it has been before. Initially, I didn't feel anything but after about a minute a horrible feeling almost like having hundreds of hot, tiny needles jabbed into my lips or having finely ground glass rubbed on started to take over. This persisted for about 10/15 minutes before subsiding and feeling like a normal gloss. I did not notice any major increase in the size of my lips nor do I think that the gloss was particuarly good, if I wanted a gloss the MAC lipglass is cheaper, there is more of it and it is comfortable to wear. The gloss did have a taste similar to Red Bull or one of those medicines you take for a cold as a child. I was seriously disappointed in this product, in the highly unlikely event that I ever use this again farless use it all, I would not buy this particular product despite being a major fan of many of Too Faced's other products. If you have very thin lips and are desparate then it might be worth it but it is likely that you could get a nicer product for less and which would wield better results. 2/5

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