Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Review: GOSH nail varnish

GOSH nail varnish in Holographic (approx. £5)

I bought this out of Superdrug thinking that it was just a glittery nail polish, but saw on another blog that it was meant to be holographic so tried it out. The first coat looked like just a normal glittery nail polish, very pretty but could get much the same for cheaper, the second coat started to look more holographic, the third coat was holographic but I added an extra coat and it looked spectacular. It dried really quickly and I was really impressed with it. I also read that it doesnt work as well with a base coat so I just skipped that and applied a good top coat. 5/5

Picture is of 4 coats of the polish minus the top coat.


  1. WOAAAAHHH that nail polish looks amazing!! i know what i'll be buying tomorrow ;)! thanks for this!xxx

  2. Hehe, no problem. It is even more amazing in real life