Thursday, 9 April 2009

Review: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual (£20 at the Bobbi Brown Counter, £13 at Tesco)

I don't normally read makeup manuals as the information is either stuff I already know (i.e too basic) or Theatrical makeup (i.e. stuff I don't really care about). The chances are if I had been in a bookstore I wouldn't have been looking at makeup books for the above reason or if I had seen it at a makeup counter I would have ignored the books and went straight for the actual makeup. However, I was in Tesco with my Mum and only got it because she bought me it and I'm glad she did, I'm hoping to do a bit of freelance work and this book gave me a lot of good ideas as to what I should have in a kit, makeup for photography, booking work etc. as well as the usual make up application, with advice on how to deal with different products and brushes, how to analyse skin and how to do makeup for weddings, teenage skin and mature skin. Quite helpfully there is quite alot about how to do makeup for Asian skin tones and makeup for asian eyes and how best to enhance dark skin as well as white skin.
Whilst this is in no way comparable to studying makeup and beauty at college, it is helpful to those of us with an interest, who want to do some freelancing but cannot go to college due to other committments or the expense. I have also noted a distinct lack of decent online/distance learning makeup courses (except one in Spain but it is highly suspicious and they kept sending me a ton of stupid spammy emails for a month so...) so this would be quite good for people either wanting to do makeup for themselves or getting started and gaining experience. For a career in film and tv it would be of limited use and it would be better for people wishing to make a career in that field or as professional makeup artists full time to go to college, in my opinion. 5/5

I did not include pictures of the book to avoid infringing any copyright laws.

Side note: I do seem to have a lot of 5/5 reviews, this is because of my way of scoring it, if the product is good value and does as it is supposed to its likely to get a 5/5, if it is a good product but not quite worth the money it'll usually get a 4/5 etc. It isn't that I'm easily pleased (nor am I overly harsh) but felt that this should be explained.

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