Sunday, 26 April 2009

Update/Other stuff

I have set up a weightloss blog to avoid clogging up this one.

Student Loan is due in on Monday and I plan on getting some stuff and doing some reviews and possibily even a haul depending on what I get, possibily putting in an order to Nars and trying to stay calm for the week and a half until MACs Doubledazzle is released (7 May- we are always so far behind the US it is not even funny, they now have Rose Romance as well although there is only a couple of things I want from that, the two pigments and the blushers). Also considering getting the two 88 pallets and some stuff from Lime Crime but worry about the postage fees between the US and the UK (might just bite the bullet and buy anyway since it is the last loan until September/October and that needs to go on books, stationary and bus fair aka boring but necessary stuff).

This months Instyle magazine has an article with the impossibly glamourous Dita Von Teese. Although she appears to wear very little makeup, it apparently takes her up to 2 hours to do it which, to be honest I don't envy, I can do a full face well in under 30 minutes and walk out the door. It's a very good article and tells you some of the makeup she wears (i.e. MACs Russian Red lipstick, of which she has 30 tubes of, and false lashes, foundation etc) but then again Instyle is a brilliant magazine ( been buying it since I left school although I have read Glamour since it first came out, I tend to go straight to the beauty pages and not bother with the rest of it), I think I saw an Instyle from the US in Borders a few months ago dedicated to makeup but I haven't seen it since and am beginning to suspect that either I imagined it or it was the regular US version but it was special issue/one off which is starting to annoy me a bit.

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