Thursday, 27 January 2011


I ordered a pair of gorgeous red, glittery high heels for a special event I am going to next week over a fortnight go, which still haven't arrived. I have sent 2 emails in the past week, both of which have gone unanswered and telephone three times today and been put on to the answering machine. I also noticed that when you call the company they do not identify who you are phoning and they give a very general response about talking to other customers and dispatching products.
I am not really annoyed, I ordered these shoes 3 weeks in advance so that, if the shoes were too big or too small I could exchange them or return them for a refund in plenty of time to get something else. To add insult to injury I paid for quick delivery, they are situated in Norfolk so it isn't as if the package has to cross any national borders, in fact it is about 100 miles away and inefficient as Royal Mail can be, even they can manage that with little trouble. I ordered stuff from Morgana Cryptoria in Arizona, 5,000 miles away which was sent out in a couple of days had to cross an Ocean, pass Customs before being delivered which took a little over a week.

Not sending a product you have received payment for is not exactly good business practice, especially if the buyer has paid for it to be delivered quickly. My Dad has suggested that she may be selling products she does not have in her possession, then ordering them up to send them out, this is plausible, if rather misleading (i.e. undertaking that goods will be in the customers possession within 2 working days, when you know you cannot fulfil it) or you could claim a deliberate attempt to mislead people. This still does not explain why she has not replied to emails (1 sent on Friday, the other on Wednesday) and why the phone is not being answered . This is really suspect to me, the bad business practice suddenly looks like fraud and this really gets on my nerves. I made my situation clear on Friday that I have to go to Scotland for a funeral and have the event just after I come back but if they don't fit I need to know to buy something else in time for it. So, I lost my patience this after noon and went into town and bought a nice pair which I paid for less than half the price of the first pair. So I am filing a dispute with paypal to get my money back.

Not only has this shoddy customer service cost them the £62 on those shoes but also the money I was going to spend on shoes for my birthday and graduation night outs ( so possibly another £150-200) plus for any other event I go to but now, I'll just order the shoes from a store in the US knowing I will have to wait up to about 2 weeks.

Not impressed.

EDIT: Paypal sorted it, despite numerous attempts over the past week to sort it to no avail, paypal fixed it in an hour.

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