Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bad news and a Haul...

First off here is the nicer stuff, not everything I have bought recently but the stuff I still had out/that have arrived.

Benefit BadGal lashes, Bourjois felt tip liner, Stargazer turquoise lipstick, MAC e/s in Juxt and Atlantic Blue, Barry M 'Bright Red' nailpaint, Medusas makeup eye dust 'Purple Rain', stick it primer, the fix glitter adhesive, eyeliner sealer, glitter in 'Antoinette' and 'Electro Green' e/s. I ordered the Medusas stuff last Monday and it arrived this morning, everything costing less than £27 (excl. shipping and to remain under the customs and excise limit). So I'm impressed, so far.
Some US and UK sweet stuff and the most expensive can of Pepsi (diet with lime-much nicer than ordinary diet but not nice enough for me to spend £1.79 on a regular basis for it) I've ever tasted out of an American Sweet shop in town.

Now the horrible news, my Gran died this morning. She was 88 and had had a stroke at Christmas, so the depressing prospect of the first Christmas without my Mum was a lot worse and since it is close to the 1st anniversary of her death (2 weeks away). So I will be travelling back to Scotland tomorrow to help out and attend her funeral and as a result blogging might be off the agenda for a little while but hopefully, I will have some reviews of the Medusas stuff and some stuff I ordered will have arrived when I get back.

Will try to post some swatches tonight.


  1. Ooh the Stargazer lippie looks lovely!
    I'm very very sorry to hear about your Gran. I hope you're ok :(

  2. Thanks, I'm okay.
    I will put up some swatches just now of the stargazer lippie