Friday, 3 August 2012

A England

I have been meaning to order some a-england polishes for a while now but never got round to it, so when they had some of their polishes on sale for £5 (usually £9), I knew I had to get a couple. I ordered Tristam (a dark blue) and Lady of the Lake (a purple colour), both of which have a slight holographic glitter running through them. 


They arrived only yesterday so I haven't tested their longevity yet, however, they did survive housework and typing without chipping; one nail did chip when I dropped a hot tray on it but even then the damage was surprisingly minimal.

The polishes applied really well, even just one coat it was quite opaque and even- if applied carefully you could get away with just one coat:

 With two coats the polish is just gorgeous, really thick and smooth with a glossy finish. In direct sunlight and under bright artificial lighting the holographic effect* really shows up. At full price it is good value for money (£5 was just incredible) and there is currently free first class postage (would have been great if it hadn't been delivered 9 days after it was sent, thanks Royal Mail). I will definitely be buying more of their polishes (love the "Legends" collection) in future.

A England polishes are cruelty free and do not contain DBP, Formaldehyde or Toulene.

* This is not a holographic polish, it is much more subtle than the GOSH Holographic or the Layla holographic polishes.