Saturday, 15 October 2011

Blog Sale

I have been forced to look at my makeup collection recently and have come to the conclusion that I have far too much that I don't use, much of which has only been swatched and that I know I won't ever use.  I have therefore decided to start selling it off in order to make more room and to make some money for something which, if it works out, I won't be able to take it with me or will have to try to get rid of it next year.

I will be putting prices on these but am willing to sell some of these items for a bit less. If there is anything you want email me at or leave a comment.

Prices do not include delivery which is £2 in the UK, I can send them outside of the UK but contact me  for a price.  All Items will be sent as recorded delivery (non negotiable). For multiple items add 50p.

Sleek pallets £4.50: Chaos; Graphite; Sunset; The Original; Bad Girl; Safari; Storm; Good Girl (not pictured)

Collection 2000 Dazzledusts £2: Fairy Dust; Heavenly; Illusion; Jaffa; Rose Coloured
Hard Candy eyeshadows £5: Popsicle; Buttered Popcorn
Sleek eyeshadow dust £2.50: Jet Set
Nyx chrome shadows £3: Platinum; Baby Pink

MAC lipsticks £9 (£10 for style curve): Speak Louder; Pervette; Style Curve; New York Apple; Lustering; Sandy B; Ever Embellish; Most Popular; Kanga Rouge.

Nyx round lipsticks £2.50: Strawberry Milk; Fig; Louisiana; Spellbound; Orange Soda; Power; Pandora.

Sleek Lipsticks £2.50: Pink Freeze; Mystic; Amped; Cherry
Maybelline diamonds lipstick £2.50: Iridescent Rose Diamonds
Stargazer lipsticks £1.50: 104; 114 

MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder £10: NC20
Too Faced Lip of Luxury £7: Pink Flamingo
Too Faced Glamour Dust £8: Glampire
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Gel £5: Bootleg
Nars eyeshadows £10: Night Porter; Night Flight
Nyx Diamond Gloss £2: Red Sparkle
High Voltage Lip Whips £3: Hot Head; Synth Pop; Tainted Love; Midnite Desire
Too Faced Lip plumper £4
Ciate lipgloss £4

RMK Irresistible lipstick £8: Holographic Cherry Red
Sleek kohl £2.50: Noctournal
Too Faced Wrinkle Injection £6
Benefit IT stick £5
L'oreal Glam shine Crystals £3: Amethyst Stars
Bourjois Clubbing liquidliner £3: Black

GOSH liquidliner £2.50: 2;12
Barry M £2.50black glitter, bliue, champagne
Nyx £2: Oyster: Cherry Red
Nyx Lipgloss £3: Wild Orchid
GOSH shadesticks £3: Purple; Brown
Barry M Glitterlashes £3: Purple

MAC Technakohl £6: Uniform
MAC Shadesticks £ 7: Red Velvet; Cakeshop

MAC Solarbits £6.50: Scatterrays; Bronzescape
Pigment £6.50: viz-a-violet
Lipgloss £7: Dreamy
Liquidlast £7: point blank
Lipgelee £7: valentines
Blusher £10: springsheen


  1. Hi! I live in the U.S. (area code 33321) and I'm interested in the Sleek Safari & Graphite palette, Amped & Cherry Lipsticks and MAC Viz-a-Violet pigment. May I have a postage quote, please?

  2. Hi Nikki, the Safari palette is already gone but everything else is yours if you want it. Can you confirm your state, so I can get the shipping quote for you?


  3. £4.00 or £8.95 if you want to sign for it.

  4. Thank you... The £4 option works for me. For me, all tolled it's $31.49 and you said that you are "willing to sell some of these items for a bit less". So, is it possible for me to pay an even $30?

  5. Yes, that's fine. If you email your paypal and the address you want me to send your stuff to to my email ( today or tomorrow I can post your stuff on Wednesday morning. Just to confirm, you want the Graphite palette, viz-a-violet, Amped and cherry lipsticks for $30US (inc. £4 shipping)?

  6. Received today! Thank you so much <3

  7. Hi, I came across this blogsale on google. I'm wondering if you're still selling any of these items at all, or if it's now ended?
    Thanks :)
    Carrie x

    1. Hi Carrie, anything that hasn't got a line through it is still available.

  8. hi!is the glampire dust still available?

    1. Hi and sorry for the delay. Yes, Glampire is still available.