Monday, 28 September 2009

Review: Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol.2

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 2 (£27 Boots)
As mentioned in my last post I have wanted to get my hands on this product since I heard about it, so on Monday I was delighted to discover that my local Boots had some in stock and bought it on the spot (missed out last year due to assuming that there would be some left closer to Christmas - I learn lessons).  I can now see what all the hype is about, it is amazing.

The set has 16 eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners and a primer. 7 of the shadows are limited to the set and the other 9 are available in the full size version from the regular line.  Most of the eyeshadows are shimmery and 5 of them are glittery (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is extremely glittery whereas Misdemeanor  has a very subtle glitter to it, the rest fall between these two). In keeping with the rest of the UD eyeshadow range, they are highly pigmented.  Most colours are represented in the set (purples, greens etc.) and since it has the eyeliner and primer it is excellent as a gift or to take on trips/holiday etc.

I noticed that one of the Limited Edition colours is called AC/DC, UD used to have an eyeshadow of this name about 8 years ago but it was more like MAC's Beauty Marked in terms of colour and glitter. This AC/DC is a shimmery purple and bears no resemblance to the old one (incase anyone remembers the old one and thinks it'll be the same).

The eyeliners are mini versions of the 24/7 liners in Zero (black) and Bourbon (brown). The primer is a mini version of the famous UDPP and there is also a mirror and a booklet in the box.
It might be obvious but I am kinda in love with this product, Great for anyone who has few eyeshadows or has some of the bigger sizes and wants the limited edition ones .

Swatches to follow.


  1. Awwww I want, I want, I want!
    Do you have ANY idea where I'd find this in Sweden??

    (I found you through Anette's blog)
    I'm a make-up fanatic too.

    Eilenna Elonen

  2. Most of the major Urban Decay retailers (major department stores etc.) would have sold it, however, the Book of Shadows is usually a limited edition set sold from late September until Christmas (provided it doesn't sell out). I have checked the UK based sites (which deliver to other EU countries) but with no success. I have heard that very few places in Scandinavia sell UD so it would depend on where in Sweden you are located, Stockholm may be the most likely place or if you are in Skåne, try Copenhagen. Otherwise the only place I can think of is through blog sales, ebay or makeupalley.

    I don't know if you know that there will be an extremely limited edition Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows released soon (already on the US site- which does not deliver to Europe and it will be released in the UK quite soon, in about 4-6 weeks I think).
    I will give you the name of a UK based sites which is likely to sell it (and I know to be reputable) is: (they do deliver to Sweden).

    I wish I could have told you where you could get one, but I'm pretty sure it is only brought out at Christmas (except the special edition one for Alice in Wonderland) and I haven't been to Sweden (although I do hope to do my Masters there and will be visiting this summer). There will hopefully be another one released in September or October.